Select Portfolio (2015-present)

Awards & Recognition

Little Wild Creatures, longlisted for the CBC Short Story Prize (2019).

A Man of Plain, Common Understanding, winner of the Vallum Award for Poetry (2012).

Winner of the Mona Elaine Adilman Poetry Prize (McGill University, 2012).


On a Winter’s Day, Circling: From a Land Steward’s Journal, Journal of Wild Culture

[print] Honeybees & Wildfire, Dark Mountain 15: In the Age of Fire.

La Muerte Barroca, CLASH Media.

[print] Baroque Death, LOKÉ: The Journal of Making.

[print] RAW MATERIAL: An Archive of Altitudes, LOKÉ: The Journal of Making.


“Evening in the Wrong Barrio” [prose poem]. Alone Together: Women Travel Latin America. 2017.

Translations of poems by Yorlady Ruíz López, in OOMPH: Contemporary Works in Translation, a Multilingual Anthology, Vol I.

Translations of poems by Liliana Moreno Muñoz, in OOMPH: Contemporary Works in Translation, a Multilingual Anthology, Vol II.

Short Fiction

[print] Stray Dogs, The Hopper.

The House on Saint-Zotique, CLASH Media.

Arteries & Fruit, CLASH Media.

Literary Translation

Poems Written Under the Skin: Eliana Maldonado Cano, Luna Luna Magazine.

Substances that Survive Us: Poetry of Alejandro Cortés González, OOMPH Press.

Two-Part Essay on the Poetry of Colombian poet Lucía Estrada, OOMPH Press.

Articles & Interviews

Photographer Nikola Tamindzic on F*king New York: “Female Sexuality Can Go Stranger Places.”

Brandon Tauszik Talks About Photographing Oakland’s Black Barbers, Lola Who

Interview with the French Feminist Collective “La Rage,” Lola Who

Interview with Photographer Francesca Beltran: “Home is a State of Mind,” Lola Who

Interview with Ada Bligaard Søby about “Hitchhiker,” Lola Who

Photographer Marlen Stahlhuth Tells Us Why “Burka is the New Punk,” Lola Wh

Meet Swedish Longboarder Ishtar Bäcklund: “Travelling is a Way of Letting Go,” Lola Who

Travel Writing

Please see author page at The Culture Trip.


Vallum Magazine, Hart House Review, Acta Victoriana, San Pedro River Review, Black Heart Magazine, Branch Magazine, Maple Tree Literary Supplement, UofT Magazine, Rogue Agent Journal, OCCULUM, Quail Bell Magazine (one, two, and three), among others.